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Called Back into Service

Called Back into Service View Author's Copyright Information Now that my children were all deeply attuned to their own lives far away from my adult living community in the Sunshine State, and my spouse of some 40 plus years had given up the ghost, I looked forward to enjoying my ?declining? years in leisure and relaxation.  Unfortunately, a rather nasty ?teacher?s strike? marred the serene and tranquil expectations I harbored for so long. My former supervisor in an adjacent county pleaded with me to help reduce the impact on the young minds deprived of adequate milf ass educational guidance. I was extremely reluctant to get involved because I did not want to be called a ?scab? by irate workers trying to leverage more compensation from stingy governmental units in a declining economy. I was also doubtful that my nerves could withstand the barrage of teenaged angst certain to be thrown my way by captive audiences. I generally taught classes to students in their final year before graduation with most of them having been subjected to a year or possibly two of additional schooling due to learning difficulties or in the cases of a number of female students the unexpected carrying of a child that precluded daily attendance at school. Thus most of the students were in the 18 to 19 age bracket and were considered adults in the real world. The atmosphere in the school system could only be described as ?tense? due to the labor situation and the driving desire of most of the students to be out of this place they considered worse than Devil?s Island. After weaving my way through a crowd of sign-carrying striking teachers, I met my first class for the day. It was comprised of about a dozen boys and almost two dozen girls. A couple of them were sort of androgynous types and I hoped their name gave them the correct gender assignment. We were engrossed in a discussion of certain rules for punctuation when an altercation started in the rear of the classroom between two female students. The language they spoke sounded like a five alarm porn festival ?dirty word? contest. I separated them and told the pregnant Latino girl to continue reading the lesson in the cooling off room separated from my classroom by a glass wall and some acoustical insulation. The other girl I told to come up and sit next to my desk and to refrain from further outbursts. Actually, the class was pretty good because the majority of the students were motivated to learn the lesson. They wanted that piece of paper in their hand that allowed them to move to the next stage of their young lives with a chance to succeed. The girl in the cooling off room came up to turn in her work and gave the young redheaded girl sitting on the side a glaring look that seemed to promise a reckoning in the very near future. That was quite all right with me just so long as it did not happen on my watch and in my classroom. Everything on the other side of the door was ?common ground? and subject to school discipline administered by the experts. The students all filed out and I allowed the young girl to remain a few moments to preclude a nasty encounter with her Latino opponent. As soon as the students closed the door, the pretty girl with the red hair talked non-stop with what she had to ?put up with? from the girls in the class because she was sleeping with some male student called Mickey. I found out in very short order that her name was Dee and that the Latino girl was called ?bitch? or ?that whore? and that Mickey had some ?serious issues?. Dee told me that ?bitch? was pregnant with Mickey?s child and that she was jealous because Dee had already had a baby by him about six months ago. The social interactions sounded more like a soap opera than a high school. I found out that Dee also had a ?serious dude of a boyfriend? called Mr. Big who considered her his property when she was off school grounds. She told me that Mr. Big was connected with the Sheriff?s office in some way and that he could pretty much do what he wanted with any girl he took a liking to. I was somewhat sympathetic to Dee?s problems but she seemed like she just wanted to tell someone about them rather than look for any kind of a solution. The lunch hour had already started and I gave her half of my sandwich and removed two drink boxes from the little thermos bag I always took with me to teaching duties. Dee was just short of 19 and had been living with her mom the last two years because her father split out-of-state to find work. He never returned and her mom didn?t seem very interested in finding him either. She liked Mickey pretty much but knew he was just a player trying to knock up as many girls as he could to build his reputation with the homeboys. She was a little afraid of Mr. Big but would never let him know that because he might get pissed off. All of this sounded so much more laden with drama than discerning the difference of using ?who? or ?whom? when writing a paper. ?Mr. Brown, you don?t know how bad Mr. Big has gotten recently. He?s not happy with me using my mouth or even spreading my legs for him any longer. All he has on his mind is stretching my rear door and pounding my poor ass like a punching bag.? I was a bit disturbed from her graphic descriptions of this Mr. Big?s sexual preferences but, I have to admit the thought of the pretty young redheaded girl bending over and giving up her tight little brown eye was a delicious vision on my dirty-minded mental screen. Dee continued on describing the different ways that the older man would stretch her pucker hole and how he insisted on depositing his creamy cum deep inside her aching rectum. ?I wouldn?t mind, Mr. Brown, if he gave it to my pussy once and awhile but it?s always up my poop chute now and he is none to gentle with my bottom if you catch my drift.? It was at this point that young Dee offered to show me her bruises and battle scars from Mr. Big?s anal activities, but I hastily declined. My reluctance was more from a fear of being caught perusing Dee?s pretty bottom sans panties than from any moral principles in my heart. I didn?t see Dee in the classroom the next morning and when I inquired, I was told there was some ?police business? at her home the night before and that I should just ?mind my own business?. Now that my curiosity was fully piqued, I drove to Dee?s home and saw her sitting on the porch all alone. I approached her and asked if she was alright. ?Hi, Mr. Brown, sorry I missed class. My mom got arrested for a possession charge and I had to stay home to watch Mickey Jr. She usually works nights and stays home and watches him when I am in school. I should be back tomorrow because she already made bail and will be home after 5 PM.? It sounded shocking but Dee seemed to be at peace with it so I guess it was all normal operating procedure to her. Right about them the sound of a crying baby assailed our ears and Dee smiled up at me. ?Come on inside, Mr. Brown, I want you to see Mickey Jr. He needs his snack time.? I followed her inside looking around to see if there were any inquisitive eyes watching my every move. It didn?t seem like anyone had any interest in us at all. The baby was in the crib and was mad because he was hungry. I watched Dee pick it up and we moved to the sofa. She sat next to me and pulled her open-top dress down to pop out a large milk filled breast with a reddish brown nipple ready to be sucked. The baby grabbed hold of Dee?s nipple with its teeth and started pulling on it with a practiced movement. I could see her wincing a bit with the tight hold on her nipple but she smiled bravely and fed her baby. The little lad looked ready to move on up the food chain to something more substantial. When she put the baby back down, it was already asleep. Dee?s boob was still sticking out and some drops of milk still seeping out onto her cotton dress. I could see why she did not wear any bra underneath her top. As if reading my thoughts, she looked up at me and said, ?I don?t wear any bottoms most of the time either, Mr. Brown. Can I show you my poor bottom that Mr. Big has been stretching something awful?? I just nodded my head afraid to say anything that could be used in evidence against me. She stood up and bunched up her dress around her waist and I saw that her legs were nicely shaped and her beautifully curved bottom was delectably heart-shaped. Dee turned around and bent over in front of my startled face. Her female slit was plump and looked a little wet with moisture. She had shaved off all of her pubic hair except for a small reddish triangle just above her clitoris. It proved she was a real redhead and not one of the ?bottle? variety. Her ass cheeks did have some bruises on them but nothing really nasty looking. Her pucker hole on the other hand was all red and swollen like it had seen some heavy action recently. The anus was pulsating and opening as if in anticipation of something to be inserted. It was an exciting sight. If it were not for the sore-looking entry, I would have sprung into action and pressed the girl to allow me to enter her brown eye. ?Mr. Brown, if you have a condom, you can put it in my pussy. I am afraid of getting pregnant again and we don?t have enough money for the pill.? I thanked my foresight in always carrying a couple of spare condoms in my wallet and slipped it out for her to see. She smiled with a look of sheer delight and said, ?Oh, goodie!? I let Dee put it on for me because she wanted to so badly. She even told me that she know how to put it on with her lips but I was reluctant to put her to the test as it might delay my cock from getting deep inside her lovely little slit. ?Would it be possible for you to do it to me from behind, Mr. Brown? I am so used to getting it that way now that I have grown to like it best of all. I really wouldn?t mind if you want to slap me back there either. I think I need to have that as well to make me feel real good inside.? I stroked her bottom with gentle hands and then fit my cock inside her pussy lips with a determined shove. She sighed and gave her pussy up to me with a little shudder of enjoyment. She kept repeating the F-word like it was a litany of prayer for having an excellent orgasm. If she slowed down or rested, I slapped her buttocks hard much to her delight and renewed passion. I wished I was 30 years younger and able to sustain a long erection, but my cock was forced to give up its load of creamy cum after only about 12 minutes of sustained ?doggy? style humping. I didn?t think Dee was in the least put out because I had counted at least two rather nice orgasms breaking up her F-word chant with obvious rapture. I told Dee if she was unable to get to school the next day, I would personally deliver her work to her with all of the key points she had to memorize to pass the mid-term test. Dee told me she hoped the teachers stayed out on strike the rest of the year. She wanted me for her personal tutor. I rather hoped ?Mr. Big? didn?t have ears on the street outside. This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. 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