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Lucy and Her Neighbour Part II

Lucy and Her Neighbour Part II Tags: teen , mature , old , young Lucy is locked out but is saved by her neighbour For the next couple of days I decided to avoid Eddie as much as possible. I stayed out of the garden and when I did eventually see him, I was with my dad and Eddie acted his usual self, quiet and almost ignorant. I was grateful he hadn?t given my dad some sly remark just to make me feel uncomfortable. In fact, he didn?t even acknowledge me. Hard to imagine how he could be like that for so many years and then turn into the Eddie who had taken my innocence on top of his wife swapping kitchen table. It was Saturday night and four days had passed since I became a woman. Despite my efforts to avoid Eddie I had thought of nothing but that afternoon. I had masturbated pretty much nonstop in my bedroom using my hair brush handle for a cock. I had only ever used my fingers, but since Eddie I craved the real thing. I went to the cinema with some friends and afterwards we went back to Michelle?s house to have a little drink and to smoke some cigarettes. Her parents were out so it was cool and with my dad probably not home for hours, I figured I?d get away with the smell. Around midnight, I caught a cab home feeling a little tipsy and was glad to see my dad?s house was in complete darkness. I paid the cabbie as he got an eyeful of my cleavage down my black dress and wished him goodnight. 'Pervert,' I thought after giving him an unintentional flash. I reached the front door searching for my keys in my purse when I suddenly realised I had forgotten to take them with me. ?Nice one, Lucy,? I sarcastically moaned out loud. ?Having problems, Lucy?? Eddie said, startling me as he stood on his front porch. ?Oh, ummm no ... everything is fine thanks, Eddie,? I stuttered. ?Are you locked out?? he grinned. ?No... no I?m not, it?s ok I?ll call my dad,? I told him. ?That?s a lovely dress, Lucy,? he complimented me as I dialled my dad?s number into my phone. That night I was wearing black heels with a short black, low cut dress. It hugged my figure tightly but not too tight, just enough to hold everything in place. ?Thanks,? I politely smiled. It felt like time was standing still as I listened to the phone ringing before it went to answer phone. ?Shit!? I exclaimed. ?No answer?? Eddie smiled. He was enjoying this. I frantically texted my dad asking him where he was, amazingly he replied saying he had bad signal and that he was staying out for the evening. To top it off it started to spit rain before he texted again asking if I was ok, and I stupidly replied that I was. ?Why don?t you come in out of the rain, Lucy?? He offered. ?At least until your father gets home. ?He isn?t coming home,? I moaned, shaking my head at my phone. ?Well then stay the night,? He said, offering me inside. With little or no choice I accepted his offer and went inside his house. ?Your perfume smells wonderful,? He commented as I passed him. ?Where am I supposed to sleep?? I asked him, regretting entering his house. ?Have you been thinking about me, Lucy?? He smiled, tracing a finger along the top of my dress. ?I haven?t stopped thinking about you.? ?Yes, sometimes,? I confessed, a little tipsy. ?Shall I show you to your room?? he grinned pointing towards the stairs. My head was telling me to text my dad and tell him to get his arse home and let me in. But my body was responding to the inevitability of what would happen once I got upstairs. He followed very closely behind, his breathing becoming ragged as he sniffed my scent with every step, like a predator sniffing out its prey. Once we were inside his bedroom I felt his hands on the back of my dress pulling down the zipper. I giggled like the schoolgirl I was and allowed him to pull it right down to my lower back. The dress fell from my young slender shoulders as he hugged me from behind, trapping me in his embrace as his large hands slid inside my dress and round to the front of my body, scooping my bra covered breasts into his hands. ?Ohhhhhh, Lucy,? he moaned into my ear, before burying his head into my long hair and filling his senses again with my scent. I closed my eyes and leaned backwards into him. He took my weight as I relaxed and allowed him to feel my body. Using one hand now to alternate his gropes between each breast he slid his other hand down the front of my dress and into my panties. His movements within my dress were too much for the unzipped garment and it quickly fell to the floor, pooling around my high heeled feet. I was now standing in just my heels and black underwear set as he slid one hand inside my bra and a finger inside my pussy. ?Ohhhhhh, God!? I gasped at how easily he slipped inside my soaking wet hole. Spreading my legs slightly to allow him better access I gave my body to him. ?That?s it,? he hissed into my ear, ?once you?ve had a taste of it there?s no going back.? ?Mmmmmmm,? was all I managed to moan as he quickly slipped a second finger inside me. ?You?ve wanted this from the moment you left the other day, haven?t you, Lucy?? he arrogantly whispered. ?You can?t think of anything but being fucked again can you?? ?No, I ... ohhhhhh yes,? I couldn?t speak his fingers felt so good. Suddenly he spun me around and pushed me to my knees. It happened so fast I almost lost my balance before he steadied me by placing a hand on my shoulder. ?Have you sucked cock before?? he grunted, freeing his rock hard tool. ?Once,? I muttered. ?Did you enjoy it?? he smiled, rubbing his cock across my lips and smearing his pre cum into my lipstick. Not saying a word I looked into his eyes and opened my mouth around the head of his cock. Being a novice I took pleasure from his loud groans as he cursed and closed his eyes. ?I?ll take that as a yes,? he chuckled, before placing a hand on top of my head and rocking it back and forth. His action was causing his cock to go a little deeper than I would have liked but I wanted to impress him so I tried to relax and use my tongue to massage his cock. ?Good girl, Lucy,? he praised me. ?Now take off your underwear and get on the bed. Leave your heels on.? I did as he demanded and was quickly rewarded with my first experience of being eaten out, and it was just as good as I was told it would be. The feeling of his warm, slippery tongue upon my lips was intense. He teased me for a few minutes, circling the outer parts of my flesh before flicking my clit and then sinking his tongue inside my hole. I couldn?t help but lift my hips slightly off the bed, trying to tilt my pelvis towards his mouth. I wanted to scream. I wanted to grab his head and push it against my pussy. I wanted to wrap my legs around him and keep him there forever. But I couldn?t and thankfully I didn?t need to as he worked my clit with his tongue whilst slowly sliding two fingers in and out of me. I climaxed in no time, closing my thighs tight against his head until the sensation had washed over me. ?Oh, yes, you enjoyed that didn?t you?? Eddie smirked, as I exhaled a loud satisfying sigh. Wow, this guy is amazing I thought. I felt weak with pleasure and could have quite easily curled up in a ball and fallen asleep, but obviously Eddie had other ideas. Shifting me further up the bed, still in my black heels, my young firm breasts jiggled and I couldn?t help but smile and feel pride at the way Eddie was looking down at me. My nipples were hard and we both knew it as he gently spread my legs wide enough to position himself between them. He smiled down warmly at me, looking deep into my eyes. I felt good. I felt wanted looking into each other?s gaze. I didn?t find Eddie attractive, he was too old, but the things he could do, drew me in. I knew the episode on his kitchen table would be the first of many. ?You?re incredibly sexy, Lucy,? he said quietly. ?Thank you,? I giggled. Grabbing the headboard above me I relaxed my hips and allowed my legs to open a little further. I then closed my eyes and moaned softly as Eddie entered me for a second time with his large cock. He rubbed it first up and down my labia, teasing me as he soaked the tip of his cock in my juices, massaging my clit, before finally sinking it inside me. ?Ohhhhhh yes, Eddie yes,? I panted softly. Once he had pushed himself deep inside me he stopped and leaned forwards, gently sucking on my nipples. He didn?t move between my legs at first. He allowed me a few precious moments to stretch and accommodate him. ?You have the tightest pussy,? he whimpered, throbbing violently deep inside of me. ?Teen pussy is always the tightest, Lucy.? We kissed for the first time, slowly and sensually. My pussy relaxed as a sudden rush of excitement from inside of me coated his cock. ?Are you ok, Lucy?? he asked caringly. ?Yes,? I reassured him, ?your big... I feel full.? Letting go of the headboard, I wrapped my arms and legs around him and he began to move in and out of me. We both started moaning, me a little louder I think, as he increased his speed and depth. Before long he was almost completely withdrawing and then slamming back inside me again. 'Is this what making love is?' I thought, as I quickly reached an orgasm and held tight onto Eddie. Our chests were crushed together, squashing my breasts and stiff nipples. After I climaxed my body went limp again and I fell back into the bed as Eddie lifted himself up slightly and started hammering away at me. I was so wet I offered no resistance, but he still moaned how tight I was. Once I gained some strength Eddie got up onto his knees and raised my legs up high so my body was at ninety degrees. Holding on to my stiletto heels for leverage he started slamming in and out me. That position felt so tight and I felt he was going deeper than ever as he fucked me to my third orgasm. I was on such a high I almost blacked out. All I could see were stars in my head. My body felt like it was on fire as I desperately panted for air. Eddie quickly flipped me over onto all fours and pushed my head into the pillow. I moaned and asked him to wait so I catch my breath but his own need to cum was too great and he was back inside of me deeper still. He was so deep it was actually starting to hurt as his cock rubbed against my cervix. I gritted my teeth and tried to bare the pain before finally he erupted inside of me. ?Argh fuck, Lucy I?m cumming... argh fuck... take it... take it!? He kept grunting. Each time he pushed into me and I felt his cock throb. I became extremely wet and warm as my womb flooded with his semen. I was saturated as it seemed to endlessly flow up inside me. Then it was over and he collapsed on top of me, his cock still buried inside my body as I felt it start to shrink, before eventually it fell out with all our juices. Eddie then rolled off of me and I could finally breathe properly. My pussy was tingling but only lightly and then I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up to the smell of bacon. Looking around the room I quickly realised where I was and started to panic. My dad would be home wondering where I was. I checked my phone but there were no missed calls or messages. I quickly got dressed, with some discomfort between my legs, and headed downstairs. ?Would you like a bacon sandwich, Lucy?? Eddie offered in just his shorts. ?No thanks,? I said, ?I better be going.? ?But your dad isn?t home yet.? I looked out of the window and saw that his car wasn?t on the drive. ?Shit!? I exclaimed. ?Maybe this will help,? Eddie said holding up a key. ?What?s that?? I frowned. ?The previous neighbours left it when they went away on holiday. If your father hasn?t changed the locks it will still fit,? he smiled. ?You mean you knew you had that key all this time and said nothing?? I grinned. ?Well,? he chuckled, ?how could I when I saw you wearing that dress.? I took the key off him and gave him a peck on the cheek. ?You?re a star, Eddie.? ?No, Lucy,? he paused, ?you?re the star.? This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than Lushstories.com with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission. To link to this sex story from your site - please use the following code: Lucy and Her Neighbour Part II You may also like...
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