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"It's far from ideal. You go out there and put your body on the line and you're playing for your country. "Once I get a bit more mature, I've said it 1000 times before but I'm still hoping one day my body is going to mature and I'll be able to do that back up not just for two Tests but five." Pattinson suffered stress fractures as a teenager and last summer was ruled out with side strains. The Victorian said he wasn't looking forward to more lonely recovery sessions in the MCG gym, but would take heart from the likes of James Anderson, Glenn McGrath and Brett Lee - who all fought back from setbacks early in their career to dominate world cricket. "It's pretty shattering, it's a hard road," he said. "I've been told there's proof there's blokes who have played before me ... Lee, McGrath who have setbacks before 23 ... I live in hope that that's the way it goes. I'm a pretty positive type of guy so hopefully I can bounce back." Pattinson joked that captain Michael Clarke told him he could bat at No.3 at Old Trafford if he played - given the tail ender has topped the batting averages so far for the series. He will stay on with the squad until the end of the third Test at Manchester.
Dource - http://www.cricket.com.au/news/news-archive/2013/7/24/pattinson-hopes-body-will-mature

Pattinson hopes body will mature

RSS trades had not surpassed RM100mil between January 2012 and May 2013, save for in April this year when it shot to RM127mil. The SBL market was more buoyant, with the total value of borrowing and lending reaching RM640mil last month. To improve transparency, Bursa said it would share the latest 10-day market data on regulated short selling (RSS) trades on its website. Short selling was first allowed on Bursa in September 1996 with 50 approved counters, but it was banned in less than a year due to the Asian financial crisis. RSS and SBL were revived a decade later in January 2007 with 100 stocks, facilitated by the Central Lending Agency model. The over-the-counter market was introduced in August 2009. Still, market observers said they were doubtful if Bursas move to liberalise short selling would take off in a big way. A fund manager told StarBiz on condition of anonymity that he personally disagreed with the concept because it increased volatility, while the fees earned by borrowers was only attractive to funds with decades-long horizons. Market players also lamented that the RSS and SBL procedures remained cumbersome.
Dource - http://www.thestar.com.my/Business/Business-News/2013/07/25/Bursa-widens-shortselling-pool-Local-bourse-seeks-to-move-closer-to-mature-market-status.aspx

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